DietQ Theory

In spite of the variety of diets, weight-loss programs, bariatric surgery centers, and weight-loss medications, an industry generating over $300 billion per year, the majority of people do not achieve their desired results or are unsuccessful at maintaining their weight loss. It’s not uncommon for people to jump from one diet to another expecting a different result. THAT MAKES SENSE! Everyone is different. The same diet that works for a 6’0” tall, 30-year old man weighing 230 lbs will likely yield different results than a 5’4” tall, 55-year old woman weighing 180 lbs. It is safe to say that there is no “one-size fits all” when it comes to dieting and weight-loss. Could it even be possible that a specific weight-loss program is more difficult to adhere to for some people than others? We theorize that to be true as well. Instead of the “trial and error” method of finding the right program, how do you determine which weight-loss plan will work best for you? What then rules the longevity of your success? To what degree are you able to achieve your desired results, if at all? Our theory is that our personalities, temperament, EQ, lifestyle, and food preferences greatly influence the effectiveness of one plan versus another, and thus can be categorized into different Types. Drawing from a range of research studies and clinical trials, some spanning over 50 years, we’ve identified specific types of dieters. We have assessed and determined these classes based on the Five-Factor Model (FFM) of personality traits, Emotional Intelligence theory, the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, Lifestyle assessment, the Eating Attitude Test (EAT-26), and the Body Mass Index (BMI). By systematically categorizing the different patterns and dichotomies, we have commenced to create a dietary program that takes your unique personality into account.

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What is EQ?

Your DietQ Plan is based on the DietQ QUIZ that you initially take. From the DietQ QUIZ you will find what type of DietQ Plan will work for you. Although the Quiz is fundamental to understanding your Type of disordered eating, the real benefit of the Quiz is knowing what solution will work uniquely for you. After decades of research we have discovered that the ability to stay with your diet plan depends on a variety of factors. One of these factors is your Emotional Intelligence Quotient. Your EQ is comprised of 5 essential components.

  1. Self-Regulation
  2. Motivation
  3. Self-Awareness
  4. Emotions
  5. Connectedness
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  • Self Regulation90%
  • Motivation60%
  • Self Awareness80%
  • Emotions50%
  • Connectedness60%

How Are You Different?

There are many studies that show your personality traits influences your eating behaviors. Personality traits or temperaments are primarily genetically formed. These traits make you be who you are and how you respond to life. Everyone is different! The real problem occurs when you do not know what traits are affecting your eating behaviors.

It makes sense to first become aware of your traits so you  know what unique solutions that will work for you. Diets of the past only considered their diet plan, not how you would fit into their plan.

There have been millions of people who have felt like a failure because they could not stay on a diet. Repeated dieting changes your metabolism and  creates weight gain. Dieting separates you from your appetite so you become dependent on someone else to dictate what, when, and how much you should eat. This is the start of a disconnection with yourself.

Do you know what life situations or stressors that set you up to go to food? Some of us feel like we are hard-wired to reach for food when something upsets us. Sometimes the current situation is not what is truly bothering you. Do you know what the you are thinking or saying to yourself when you want to eat and are not physically hungry? This self awareness is crucial to change your eating patterns permanently!

Have you ever noticed that when you eat certain foods you eat more than you want? Some of us have allergic type reactions to certain foods. Everyone is different. Some people can eat or drink anything in moderation, but there are some that cannot stop when they want to. Your current diet may be full of these substances! If you do not understand your own reaction to these, you can never stay on your food plan no matter how hard you try.

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  • Temperament75%
  • Eating Patterns80%
  • Reasons for Eating85%
  • Foods Eaten60%

What Can You Do?

All of these have an impact on your eating. Using eating behaviors as a solution to problems in life is one of the reasons for disordered eating. These are areas that will change when you take the DietQ Courses. Knowing your solution is where the power is!

This changes not only your diet, but it will improve every area of your life. It is amazing that when the reasons for the disordered eating are not present in your life, changing your behaviors becomes easy.

Staying with a healthy eating plan for a life-time becomes possible!

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The Quiz

The DietQ Quiz is based on questions from validated research assessments. The DietQ combines assessments for:

  • personality
  • eating behavior and attitudes
  • food preferences and reactions
  • disordered eating assessments
  • eating disorder assessments
  • lifestyle questions
  • DietQ research
  • temperament
  • EQ
  • decades of experience helping others

Once you become aware of all these areas that make you do what you do, you can then develop a course of action that will change your eating behaviors for a lifetime, easily, naturally and permanently! Take the Quiz