eCourse 8


Includes the eCourse 8 eBook, Homework Assignment, Handouts, Step-by-step Video Instruction and Guided Meditation.

Everyone on earth has a meaning and purpose. When the behaviors and thoughts of disordered eating are no longer present, you have time and access to finding your individual path. You will learn key indicators and practices that help you find out what your


Step 1: Watch the Course Instruction

Finding your meaning and purpose.

Step 2: Read eCourse 8

Read eCourse

Step 3: Listen to the Guided Imagery

Step 4: Watch Homework Explanation

Accomplishing your goals.

Step 5: Download Homework

Overcome the obstacles to attaining your Goals!

Find Your Purpose and Meaning!

Congratulations You Have Finished eCourse 8

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What to do during the week:

1. Read the course throughout the week.
2. Listen to the Guided Imagery again at night or whenever you need to center yourself.
3. Complete the Goals Homework and Purpose and Meaning Homework.
4. Print another Calendar and Checklist from eCourse 1 and record your nest month progress.
5. Inquire about eCourses 9-12.