eCourse 5


Includes the eCourse 5 eBook, Homework Assignment, Handouts, Step-by-step Video Instruction and Guided Meditation.

Learn an effective way of changing the way you take care of your Self. By changing the relationship you have with your Self, you begin to heal in all areas of your life.


Step 1: Watch the Course Instruction

Learn about the Journey to Self and your appetite when you quit dieting.

Step 2: Read eCourse 5

Read eCourse

Step 3: Watch the Guided Imagery Information

This guided imagery helps you to care for yourself.

Step 4: Listen to the Guided Imagery

Listen to the Guided Imagery now and again at night or whenever you need to center yourself.


Step 5: Download Homework and Handout

Reprograming Self Talk Homework

One Page Journal Homework

The Bondage of Self Handout

Congratulations You Have Finished eCourse 5

During the Next Week Finish your Homework Above Before Starting the Next Course.

What to do during the week:

1. Complete the Reprograming Self-talk Homework
2. Read the course throughout the week.
3. Listen to the Guided Imagery again at night or whenever you need to center yourself.
4. Use the One Page Journal to discover what you are really feeling. Pay attention to the last paragraph.
5. Read the Bondage of Self
6. Print another Calendar and Checklist from eCourse 1. Continue to chart your progress for Month 2.