eCourse 2


Includes the eCourse 2 eBook, Homework Assignment, Handouts, Step-by-step Video Instruction and Guided Meditation.

Learn how to get back in touch with your true appetite signals. Know your individual range to start and stop eating. Follow the Decision Tree to determine if your wanting to eat is really physical hunger or something else.


Step 1: Watch the Course Instruction

In DietQ eCourse 2 you will learn how to retrain your appetite.


Step 2: Read eCourse 2

Read eCourse

Step 3: Watch the Guided Imagery Explanation

Step 4: Listen to the Guided Imagery

After you have finished reading eCourse Two listen to this Guided Imagery. The guided imagery is a very important part of the process. Listen to this as often as you like.


Step 5: Watch the Homework Explanation

The DietQ eCourse 2 homework will provide you with a way to know your hunger levels.

Step 6: Download Homework

Download your Self-Discovery Hunger Level Record Now.

Also, Download your Self-Discovery Hunger /Appetite Scale.

Congratulations You Have Finished eCourse 2

During the Next Week Finish your Homework Before Starting the Next Course

What to do during the week:

1. Reread the course throughout the week.
2. Listen to the Guided Meditation again at night or whenever you need to center yourself.
3. Fill out your Hunger Level Record at least once daily.
4. Refer to the Hunger/Appetite Scale often.
5. Remember to continue filling out your Calendar and Checklist from eCourse 1 daily.

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