eCourse 1


Includes the eCourse 1 eBook, Homework Assignment, Handouts, Step-by-step Video Instruction and Guided Imagery.

Do you eat when you do not want to? Do you eat past being full? There is a predictable cycle that appears in out-of-control eating. You need to understand this cycle and learn the best point to break this cycle.


Step 1: Watch the Course Instruction

Step 2: Read eCourse 1

Read eCourse

Step 3: Guided Imagery Explanation

Step 4: Listen to the Guided Imagery

After you have finished reading eCourse One listen to this Guided Imagery. The guided imagery is a very important part of the process. Listen to this as often as you like.

Step 5: Watch the Homework Explanation

Step 6: Download Homework

Download your 2 Self-Discovery Homework Forms, -Calendar and Daily Checklist- to chart your progress for the coming month.



Here is a Handout of the Food Coping Cycle.


Congratulations You Have Finished eCourse 1

During the Next Week you will need to chart your progress each day during this phase of the DietQ Program. Complete the eCourse and a week of charting your progress before starting the next eCourse.

What to do during the week:

1. Fill out your Calendar and Checklist daily.
2. Listen to the Guided Imagery at least once, but you may use it more often. Never listen to the Guided Imagery when you need to be alert.
3. Read the eCourse again.
4. Notice where you are on the Food Coping Cycle Handout often.

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