Type B


Type B

DietQ Type B, otherwise known as binge eating, is generally characterized by periods of compulsive overeating. These binges may last anywhere from a few minutes to a few days and often involve eating a variety of comfort and junk food in large amounts. A person with this Diet Q Type tends to center his or her life around binging, often stockpiling favorite foods and thinking about when the next binge will be. For some people of this type, binges may be followed by a period of food restriction.

Living with binge eating can be a very destructive, self-defeating cycle of behavior. Those with DietQ Type B often find that all their thoughts are about eating, both in anticipation of binging and as a result of post-binge guilt and shame. Before and during the binge, a person may feel a sort of high, usually followed by a deep disappointment that only keeps the person trapped in the cycle. For some people, compulsive overeating may lead to extreme restricting or purging in an effort to negate their binges.

A person with binge eating may experience various physical, mental, and social repercussions, such as the following:

• Low self-esteem (both a cause and a result, keeping the cycle going)
• Depression and anxiety about eating habits
• Constant obsessive thoughts about food
• Vitamin and mineral deficiencies (binge foods often lack proper nutritional value)
• Financial difficulties from spending too much on food
• Strained relationships due to secretive habits and excuses
• Fast weight gain
• Obesity, diabetes and/or heart disease

A person with DietQ Type B may eat large amounts of food in a very short period of time. They may also start by eating normally, then find themselves unable to stop. These behaviors often start in response to a diet when the individual rebels and binges on foods that are deemed “bad” by the diet’s rules. When the person gets back on the diet, he or she may have gained even more weight; feel like a failure, thinking they did not have enough willpower; and return with an even more extreme mindset.


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Your DietQ Type “B” Attributes

If you have DietQ Type B, you may exhibit normal eating habits when you’re with others but eat abnormal amounts of food when no one is around to see it. For people with your type, food is the ultimate comfort and the ultimate secret. When you binge, the experience of eating the food gives you a good feeling. When it ends and you’re feeling over-full, however, the physical pain, shame, and sense of lost control set in again.

If this sounds like a drug addiction, that’s because DietQ Type B behavior lights up the same reward centers of the brain and can create a very real food addiction.

As a person with Type B, your DietQ attributes are ruled by intense cravings, emotional highs, and lows, and obsessive thoughts about food, weight, diets, and body image, making it extremely difficult to change without help. At DietQ, we address the underlying causes and conditions of compulsive overeating so that you can achieve weight loss and develop new, healthy habits for lifelong success.

By combining your personality attributes, eating attitudes, and responses to specific Type B questions, we’ll develop a solid plan to change your eating behaviors. You’ll then be led through a series of structured steps designed to internalize your controls around food and address the underlying mechanics causing you to binge.


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  • Types of Foods
  • Loss of Control
  • Neurochemical
  • Genetics
  • Emotions
  • Weight Fluxuations

Binge Eating Help: The DietQ Solution

If DietQ Type B is your type, you’re undoubtedly frustrated and unsure why you’re doing what you are. You don’t really want to starve yourself all day, binge all night, or feel like a failure for “falling off the wagon.” You’d love to be able to eat a normal meal without being unable to stop when the first plate is empty. You don’t want to spend exorbitant amounts of money on food you hide around your home, and you certainly don’t enjoy the way you feel when you realize how much you’ve eaten. Each time, you vow to be more strict when you get back on your diet.

At DietQ, we know the mental lectures you give yourself and the way that feeling like you’ve “blown it again” keeps you stuck in a self-destructive pattern. We also know that the first step to escaping the binge eating cycle is to understand what makes you do it. Once we know what’s holding you back, together we can initiate a plan of action that really works for you.

DietQ is more than just a weight loss program—we’re an all-encompassing holistic, self-empowering program that helps you conquer whatever is keeping you from achieving your ideal level of fitness and health. Rather than simply counting calories and tracking your exercise, we address the root of your struggles and help you find the balance and personal strength you need to support a long and healthy life.

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