Type A


Type A

DietQ Type A is characterized by intense physical and emotional responses to certain “trigger foods.” Indulging in these foods can feel enjoyable and satisfying at the moment, but the end result is often a combination of guilt and disappointment. Trigger foods aren’t just favorite foods; they’re powerful temptations that are hard to turn down and which can lead to full-on binge eating.

Everyone is different; we all react to certain foods in different ways. There are certain foods that can cause a Type A person to experience cravings or even trigger a binge. Until you identify the specific foods that are triggering you, you will likely continue to eat them in excess.

When a binge occurs, you may decide to omit other foods from your diet or eliminate calories in other ways so that you can eat more of your favorites. Your trigger foods and the resulting poor decisions are part of a self-defeating cycle. You think tomorrow will be different, but the pattern repeats itself over and over. This is where mindful eating programs like DietQ can help.

DietQ Type A is quite different from the other DietQ Types in that its habits can be somewhat subtle. Initially, Type A behaviors can be difficult to recognize as abnormal or problematic. A person for whom pizza is a severe trigger may see it simply as a favorite food, not realizing that the resulting overeating of pizza and other foods is actually a binge.  Sometimes SUGAR is the problem. To see more information you can visit www.SugarAwareness.com. It’s often not until a person is told by a loved one that their behavior is concerning that they consider the possibility of “problem foods.”

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The exact physiological reasons that certain foods become triggers for certain people are still unclear, but we do know that some foods can have an effect on the body that’s similar to an addiction. When you eat something you find delicious, the parts of your brain that deal with reward and satisfaction are naturally engaged. In some cases, the impact of certain foods on this reward system leads to especially strong cravings and can trigger the desire to eat more (and therefore experience more reward).

This may not be the case for all Type A individuals, but it offers a possible explanation for why the reaction to certain foods can be so intense and difficult to withstand. Whatever the cause for your Type A eating behaviors, learning how to manage your relationship with trigger foods is key to making real change.

Over the long term, DietQ Type A behaviors can have serious physical, mental, and emotional repercussions that go beyond an inability to lose weight. The following are examples of just some of the potential issues you could face:

• Malnutrition from choosing trigger foods over a balanced diet
• Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
• Frequent binge episodes
• Digestive issues due to poor diet and overeating
• Additional weight gain
• Development of a dangerous eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Feelings of guilt and shame
• Obsessive thoughts about trigger foods
• Relationship issues caused by an obsession with eating and obtaining trigger foods

Your personal quiz results have put you into a Type category that is specific to your personality, lifestyle, eating attitudes, and triggers. It’s important to remember, however, that individuals can vary even within DietQ Types. Even if not everything in the Type A profile fits you perfectly, the DietQ Plan for your Type will help you understand your disordered eating habits and introduce you to healthy solutions that will be effective for life.


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  • Types of Foods
  • Loss of Control
  • Neurochemical
  • Genetics
  • Emotions
  • Obsessive Thoughts


For DietQ Type A individuals, self-awareness is key. Before you can tackle your eating habits and see results, you first need to find out whether certain foods may be triggering you. Knowing which foods these are is key to making your DietQ Plan work over the long-term.

Once you know your own unique reactions to certain foods, the reasons you were unable to succeed with your diet plans in the past will come into better focus. You’ll then be able to proceed at your own pace and make incremental changes that will completely change the way you eat and the way you feel.

DietQ is different from other weight management and nutrition plans in that it takes more into account than just the calories you eat and burn in a day. Unlike typical diet plans that are built solely around the metabolic processes of the average human body, DietQ considers the unique personality attributes, emotional blocks, eating habits, and beliefs that may be holding an individual back from achieving success.

Are you ready to discover which foods are triggering you and get on the path to a healthier lifestyle? Contact us online to get started.


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