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You know what to eat, how much and when, but you cannot put that into action. You feel you are hardwired to reach for food even when you are not hungry. Diets Don’t Work, 98% of all diets fail because they are not customized to your diet type. Diets need to be customized for:

  • Male or Female
  • Motivational Needs
  • Emotional Support
  • Age
  • Personality Type
  • Current Weight
  • Body Type
  • Past dieting experiences
  • Self-Awareness
  • Food Preferences
  • Stress Levels
  • Activity Levels
  • Life Transitions

Take the DietQ Quiz to find your unique DietQ Type. Find Your Diet Type

Type D

There are many people who do not understand that their patterns of eating are disordered because they are constantly on a diet. All diets work. . . . temporarily. Type D people almost always have the same experience of slipping, regaining the weight, and searching for a diet that will work this time.

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Type B

Type B gets into a cycle of eating large amounts of food in a short period of time. They may not eat all day and binge at night. They feel out of control with their eating behaviors. Once they start eating they cannot stop.

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Type S

People who are Type S are usually very intuitive and can pick up on others’ feelings easily. This can be overwhelming and they may use food to cope. They may be using food to avoid some part of their life that they do not want to feel.

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Type E

When some people eat too much they feel they must get rid of the food. Type E will use purging, exercise, extreme sports, dance, and/or running to get rid of the extra calories. This may start innocently, but it can take over a person’s life.

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Type R

There are some people who are so afraid of gaining weight that they become obsessed with not eating. People with Type R may think they are fat when others are worried that they are too thin.

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Type A

There are certain foods that cause Type A to experience cravings after eating them. They may feel good at first but then they feel lethargic, unmotivated, depressed and bingeing is triggered. They need to discover the drink, food or foods that are triggering them to eat when they do not want to.

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Are you having trouble finding the right diet?

Everyone is different, so how could the same diet work for everyone? We have our own food preferences, lifestyle, personalities, body build, why we are eating, and our goals. The only way a diet can work for a lifetime is to find the diet that uniquely fits you. When you know your diet type you are on your way to finding an eating style that will work for you. The first step is to find your own diet type!

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The only way you can change your eating patterns is to find what type of eater you are. Knowing your type can make the difference between struggling to stay on one diet after another or easily maintaining your ideal weight for a lifetime! Take the Quiz

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