Type D

With this type using the hunger level charts, finding your triggers that cause you to go off the diet and internalizing healthy eating behaviors will allow you to relearn your appetite cues and be able to eat when hungry, make healthy choices and stop when you are full.

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Dieting sets you up for failure. With each failed attempt at dieting, you feel a loss of control. You no longer know when you are hungry or full and the obsessive thoughts of I am “Good” or “Bad” based on following your diet, affects your Self-esteem.

Based on the attributes specific to your DietQ Type A, you will have a solid Plan to change your eating behaviors. You will be led through a series of structured steps to internalize your controls around food that you can use for a lifetime!

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  • Appetite Awareness
  • Loss of Control
  • Obsessive Thoughts
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Sense of Failure


People with DietQ Type D have come to depend on an external source, the diet, to tell you what to eat, when and how much to eat. The process of repeatedly depending on the diet eventually causes you to disengage from your internal appetite. Because of dieting your attempts to get control of your eating behaviors works for awhile but results in the same outcome; losing weight only to regain it again. This affects your self-esteem and creates a sense of failure.

Even though you have tried using a structured food plan and failed, you are always hopeful that the next diet will be the one that will finally work. When you are on a diet, you restrict food intake that decreases the metabolism. When you return to eating normally you regain more weight than you lost. Restricting food eventually leads to a binge and so the cycle continues.

Your DietQ Type D Plan is specific to your personality, lifestyle, eating attitudes, and triggers. The DietQ Plan will show you what makes you eat when you do not want to, not stop when full, and how to get in touch with your appetite cues so you can eat when hungry, make healthy food choices, and stop when full, easily, effectively and naturally!

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